Can you figure out my content for me?

If you need help writing, we can do that for an hourly rate. If you have something written, but you need it checked, corrected, proofread, condensed or otherwise edited, this service is also available for an hourly rate.

Do I have to update my pages myself?

This is what most people like so much about our sites! One reason we can keep prices low is that we empower the site owner to make routine updates. (This is known as a Content Management System, or CMS). We'll be happy to do this for you at the beginning and once in a while down the road. But if you want us to enter all of your data so you will not be burdened with it at all, there is an hourly production charge for this ($50/hour).

How should I provide you the information?

A text file is the best format. A printed piece such as a brochure is good also, because it has already been edited and finalized. If you haven't written anything yet, you can start thinking about it and enter your ideas in your web pages when we get to the testing phase of the site. It's helpful to enter your text, and look at it again in a few days to refine it.

I want to put documents on my site. Do you make PDF files?

If you have your own PDF files, they can be uploaded by you if you have a downloads page on your site. If you don't already have them in PDF format, we make PDF files for the hourly production rate of $50/hour, and can place them on the server for you.

I'm not sure what should go on my website. Can you help me out with that?

You want to have good, useful information, but not so much that it overwhelms the visitor. If you currently have a brochure, that's a good starting point. Basically you want to tell people what you sell or services you offer, give them information on the business and the people running it, how to contact you, maybe some recent news or projects you've been working on. A links or resources page for related sites is good to have, especially in regard to search engine placement. We can help you decide how to categorize your information into sections.

So if someone types in [whatever you are selling], it will come up in Yahoo?

Search engine placement is a delicate art. We do our best to make your opening page rich with relevant content so the search engines will index words people will search on. Search engines eventually inspect every site on the internet, including yours, but there are ways to hurry this process. Having the search engine look at your site isn't the end of the story, however; there are many other ways to get your site ranked higher in the search engines. We will discuss with you strategies you can use. We also can do some of the grunt work for you, at an additional charge.

Who owns the code?

Terryfic.com owns the code. You are paying for the interaction of all the bits and pieces of code that makes your site function the way you want. Think of our websites as software, because that's what it really is. You buy the use of software, but you do not buy the code. (You can View Source in your browser and save the page, but this is only a static page delivered to your browser, not the actual code itself, which resides on the webserver and interacts with a separate database also on the server.)

Do you reuse code?

Absolutely! This is how we can build so many cool things for not a lot of money. For instance, when a user enters a date, the server has to check to make sure it is a valid date (i.e., not Feb 31). This is an example of proprietary code that we wrote once, and use many times over. Our sites are intricate combinations of old code and new. When a site needs a new feature, we create it and it goes right into our bag of tricks.

Can I download the database content of my site?

If you have a site with a catalog of products, or a membership site with a roster of members, yes, this is actually an admin feature of the site. If you'd like to be able to download your calendar listings or some other site content, we could make that happen for you as a custom add-on.

What if you go out of business or meet an early demise?

You will be given the complete source code and databases and a list of developers well-versed in the server software used to interpret and operate the site. We have a colleague in Mt. Holly, the next community over, who is on this list.

If you build my custom application, you can later sell it to other similar organizations, so shouldn't it be cheap or free? I mean, I'm doing you a favor by giving you an idea.

Although we can reuse it for similar organizations, just as no two people are alike, no two organizations are alike. We have found that the time spent modifying a website for another similar client ends up taking about the same amount of time -- in some cases more -- as building a new one from scratch. That's because database code is so intertwined in the html code that unraveling it to modify is usually more time consuming than building from scratch.

The exception is a website designed from the beginning to be used by multiple entities. This is how my art gallery system was developed, and the small web gadgets like the PotLuck signup and the RSVP system. But development of such sites takes much longer, because you build into it as many variations as you think might arise from client to client. Even if your idea for a custom website does have wide appeal, we probably don't have the time to go after that market, and in all likelihood would not build it with future resale in mind.

I like your commerce sites. Can you set one up for me, and in lieu of payment, split the profits?

No, we are not looking for partnerships.

I have a great idea for a website that will make a million bucks easily. If you build it, I'll split revenue with you.

Sorry; we are not looking for partnerships.

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