INFO designs, develops, and hosts websites. We specialize in interactive websites, gallery sites, storefronts, database hosting, and special pages that you can incorporate into your exisiting website. Websites that do things. Old news disappears. Search a catalog. Find a store closest to your zip code. Reword your opening page whenever you feel like it.

Some of our projects are actually online applications, not merely websites: A membership database that allows members to update their own records. A reservations system for an event. A sign up form for a pot luck picnic.

Using a database server allows catalog searches, timed events, password access, and hundreds of other useful functions. After building and operating such dynamically driven sites since 1995, has built up a good core of components to help keep development cost down. On the low end, we can move you into one of our systems with only minor modifications to make it yours, or on the high end we can completely custom build a special system.

Most sites come with a Content Management System (CMS) allowing you to make your own changes and add your own content. This does not cost extra, but is included as part of the package. In fact, it actually costs you less to use the CMS, since our services to update your site is billed hourly.

Although we do design sites, design is only a secondary service here. Therefore, a good strategy would be to let us work with your designer so you can get the best of both worlds.

We also handle email and domain name service, and can set you up with a merchant account for your e-commerce site.

Website Portfolio

The websites listed to the left are all sites, and link directly to the sites themselves. Take the Tour (link at top of page) to see screen shots of admin pages not accessible to the public, and explanations of what make the sites special. Look for calendar listings, guestbooks, a potluck signup sheet, a membership form, search forms, and other examples of dynamic pages.

Logo Design

If you are a new business or need a new logo or identity, I am outsourcing this very important component of your business to Logo Bee. I work very hard to make websites look and function their best, but I defer logo design to the experts in that field. Please access their site via this link from my site, because we will work together to incorporate your logo into your website.

Look for a new logo soon.

Terry Wilson

Terry Wilson has a B.A. in Studio Art from the University of California, Irvine, and has been a graphic artist for over 30 years. She migrated to internet development in 1995 and fused her graphic skillls with her technical skills to design database-driven websites. All of her sites are custom developed, tailored to individual needs. Terry is well-connected in her industry, and able to call upon outside resources when necessary.

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