We base the price of overall web packages on the complexity of the job, in addition to a monthly (or yearly) webhosting/maintenance fee. We charge hourly rates as noted for work after the job is complete.

Catalog/Portfolio Site

$1500 and up (to be quoted)
• Geared toward product-based businesses.
• Good way to show what you have for sale, without the shopping cart. Also good to show a portfolio of work done for other clients. Perfect for artists or businesses selling one-of-a-kind or custom merchandise where the customer looks at what you have, then discusses with you a final product or purchase.
• Product catalog with images (easily upload images, and change info yourself)
• Searchable by keyword
• 4 topics pages (choose from Bio, Info, Services, Links, etc.)
• up to 4 email addresses
• CMS (Content Management System, allowing you to make your own updates)


$2000 and up (price has to be quoted)
• Customer can fill a cart with multiple items. Amount is totaled up, shipping and tax added, credit card info securely gathered, and invoices emailed.
• Credit card setup, as well as accommodation for mail orders.
• up to 6 email addresses
• (Online credit card processing will incur additional fees from the processor. We can set you up with a Merchant account if your don’t have one already.)
• The monthly hosting fee will increase due to several factors, such as the secure server for credit card transactions, and will be quoted.
• CMS (Content Management System, allowing you to make your own updates)

Add Ons

All sites above can be enhanced by additional features. Here are a few:
• Classified Ads page $100
• Calendar page $100
• Document downloads page (pdfs, etc) $100
• Testimonial box (randomly selected) $100
• Custom Forms (feedback, or other data collection) $10/field
• Math-based forms (calculators) (quoted according to complexity)

Password Protection

• One password for all users $100
• Individual email-based passwords $200 (low level security; useful for collecting names for your own marketing efforts)
• Individual usernames and passwords (more secure) $300
• User database of above users, to collect additional user data (quoted based on complexity)
• Differing levels of access (quoted depending on how many places in the site are affected)

Specialty Applications

Any custom solution, quoted according to feature set. Examples could be:
• An organization's membership database
• Informational site funded by Google AdSense
• You can do almost anything via a website

Basic hosting/maintenance

All sites are subject to this fee of $20/mo billed to a credit card, or $200/year paid by check or credit card. This handles your domain name, web, mail, and dns hosting and modest updates. Please note that only hosts sites that we build (and only build sites that we host).


These rates apply after completion of the site, for additional work beyond the initial agreement of the website project.

General Production

$50/hour, minimum 1 hour
• Adding/updating content
• typing
• making PDF files
• scanning pictures

Creative Work

$75/hour, minimum 1 hour
• creating artwork
• photo retouching
• website design

Writing and editing

$75/hour, minimum 1 hour
• writing your content
• editing your content
• grammar and spell checking your content


$75/hr, minimum 1 hour
• modification to website structure
• forms design
• HTML and CSS coding

High end development

$90/hour, minimum 1 hour
• Database design
• Math based forms (calculators)

Search optimization

$75/hr, 3 hour min.
• research for relevant links to add to your links page
• research for other sites for reciprocal linking
• submit site to search engines and directories
• announce site in relevant forums

Payment options

We offer two options (except for the Basic sites):
• Partial down payment with balance payable upon completion
• Partial down payment with monthly credit card billing for the balance+20% on a two or three year contract (plus basic hosting cost).

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