A la Carte Web Applications

We offer one-page solutions that you can add into an existing site. Many sites do not have the capability to process forms or provide interactivity. We specialize in these things, as well as hosting databases. These single-use applications are offered on a subscription basis, either short term or long term.


Having a party and want to coordinate food? This form will let your guests enter their food or other items so everyone else can know what to expect. Also can be used for gift coordination, whether for a baby shower or holiday gifts for the grandkids. One-time use is $19.95. http://WhosBringingWhat.com


If you are having a dinner or a meeting and need to collect money and track attendees and meal choices, this form does that. It includes a link to the map of the event, and generates a reminder email a week before the event. Set a cutoff date, view the database of registrants, download the list of attendees, and more. People can pay with a credit card online using PayPal, or pay by mailing in a check (an invoice is generated). Subscription to this form is $25 for a single usage, or for regular ongoing meetings, the cost is $25 per month, or $250 per year. http://WhosComing.com

Basic form processing

You design your own form and thank you page, and keep it on your site. We give you a few lines of code to add to your form. The user fills out the form, and you receive the results, along with the date, time, and IP address of the user. The user never leaves your site. Choose to have the results delivered in columnar format for easy, single-page reading, or if you are collecting data for a database, choose to have the data delivered as a tab-delimited record so there's no typing on your part. Subscription to this form is $30/year with a $100 startup (customization) fee.

Contact Form

Instead of displaying your email address on your webpage for spam harvesters to find, provide a contact form for your site visitors. They fill out the form, and the message is emailed to you without disclosing your email address anywhere within the html. $10/month or $100/year.

Links page

Links are important in search engine relevancy, and to add resources to your website. A links page from Terryfic.com will give you a simple, direct web page interface for adding and editing your links. This is a text-only page; no banner links. Text links provide the rich text content search engines love. Subscription to this page is $10/month or $100/year.

Membership Database

With the membership database, member records are no longer passed from one chairperson to the next. They reside here on our servers. Members can join and renew online. You can create a questionnaire and analyze the data. Take online (PayPal) payments and generate invoices for check payments. Each member has access to their own record so they keep it up to date, relieving the membership chairman of the updating chore. That means the membership chairman can download the absolutely most current list of names and data as various data sets at any time to use for mailing labels, name badges, email lists. Gain peace of mind by being able to download a complete data backup off-site, at any time, from any browser. You can frame this into your exisitng site, or simply link to it as a separate page. If you have access to your own dns records, we can advise you on how to make the URL still reflect your domain name. Included in this subscription is the potluck signup sheet. Pricing varies depending on how much customization is involved, but starts at $20/month or $200/year, with a $200 activation fee for customizing your form to your organization.

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