Your Internet Personal Trainer

Terry Wilson teaches a real-world course in Web Design and Implemention. Some of the areas covered include creating web graphics, writing guidelines, user interface, HTML and CSS, translating your print materials to web materials, taking money online, smart (and free) ways of promoting your site, and the Google AdWord service. Homework is given, and a project is completed by the end. This course does not address Flash, Java applets, or other technologies requiring constantly updated plugins, specific operating systems, or souped-up computers. You will learn how to put together a site that is easy and non-frustrating for the beginning to advanced user, on both Mac and Windows.

Please contact us for scheduling private and group classes. The course is in 4-parts, with one 3-hour class per week. Dates and times are determined based on the needs of the student(s). Classes held at your facility or mine (you will bring a laptop if training here). Pricing is $900/course per student. Group rates negotiable for 3 or more. There will be an added cost for on-site training outside of Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester counties, NJ.

Terry Wilson has a BA in studio art and has been developing websites since 1994. She primarily produces and runs income-generating websites on webservers she owns and operates. She also develops custom sites for clients when time allows. Terry has created the coursework based on her 10+ years of experience in dealing with the internet public and the real-world issues encountered when developing sites which must work for paying users using a myriad of operating systems and browsers, worldwide.

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